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About Ann


Ann M. Bordeleau,
Master Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Author

Ann is a Master Intuitive who specializes in clearing energy from ALL 4 BODIES in order to elevate and accelerate global consciousness. She uses a combination of private consultations and workshops to help clients work through their blockages, raise their energetic vibration, which opens doors to unlimited possibilities. Ann’s power is channeled through only the highest Divine Sources to help others understand and transform the dysfunctional patterns that keep them from achieving the success they desire. She is the Channel and Founder of the Melchizedek “M” Series of Accelerated Consciousness and the Myofascial Energy Clearing technique (M.E.C.) all of which have been co-created with Spirit to clear at the deepest levels.

The true core of Ann’s work is self-care and coaching others through their individual focal points that she calls, “The Focal Points of YOU.”  Understanding major role “The Focal Points of YOU” plays in your personal journey is critical to your health and connecting to your joy.

Ann spent 35 years in corporate America, working for both small and large businesses where she developed and cultivated her coaching, management, and communication skills, along with the discipline to get things done! She motivates individuals to work through the blocks and frustrations that prevent them from reaching their goals.

Ann’s expertise in assisting clients in realigning their spiritual side to the mental, emotional, and physical sides helps them to now co-create solutions with their own Spiritual Team to get the clarity, focus, confidence, and freedom they have been missing in their life.

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