Testimonials – Ann M. Bordeleau


Alison Kate ~ November 2017

"Working with Ann was a unique and fascinating experience.  As she tuned and adjusted my body, energy, and spiritual connections, I felt wonderfully at peace and had really incredible visualizations based on what she told me was going on energetically.  I felt light, cleared, and calm after our session with renewed energy, confidence, and passion to continue working towards what I want in my life.  She is a gifted and brilliant healer and her message and work is powerful." ~ Alison Kate - November 2017

Dr. Dorothy Bonvillian - July 2017

Joanie R. ~ July 2017

"I think Ann is gifted and exceptional at what she does as a healer." ~ Joanie R. - July 2017

Yas C. ~ May 2017

"I met Ann through a friend (Keith K) and immediately felt a connection. She was sweet, courteous, & attentive. I could tell she is a very trustworthy person. A great advisor & confidante. She was able to help clear some negative energies that have clung to me from the past. Also cleared the weird energies that people have brought into the house. I highly recommend her services!" ~ Yas C. – May 2017

Robin R. ~ March 2017

“Let me preface this testimonial by saying that I believe that processes (regardless of the type) only work when you are receptive to them working. I believe that opportunities present themselves and we accept them when we are ready. I have spent quite a bit of time and personal energy working through my personal issues over the past four years. As I’ve gotten older I have learned to recognize some of my self-destructive patterns and cycles and have worked to change my process in hopes of reaching a different outcome. In October of 2016, I attended a get together where I met Ann. She had amazing energy and an openness and intuitiveness that I really appreciated. We became Facebook friends at that point but didn’t interact too much, except to “like” a post here and there. Then something happened in my life, maybe late November or early December, a realization that I was processing, that I wrote a lengthy post about, regarding some childhood issues of mine. Ann in-boxed me that she could help me to clear some of that through a process called “energy clearing”, if I was interested. I asked a few questions, which she answered. I told her I would think about it, that I was interested, and that I would get back with her after the New Year. I thought about what she was offering me. I did some research on exactly WHAT energy clearing was because I had no understanding of what an “energy clearing” was. I understood energy ~ positive energy, negative energy…the exchange of energy, but wasn’t really sure what was meant by “energy-clearing.” I asked a very good friend of mine who practices Reiki. She explained as best she could and then asked me if I trusted Ann and when I told her that I felt Ann was an honest person with genuine intentions, she said that she encouraged me to try it. I didn’t want to just dump my problems on someone, I wanted to actually create a shift in myself that would help me to learn how to heal and how to move forward with my life. So, I contacted Ann after the New Year to start this process. It has been an amazing experience for me. After my first session, I literally felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders! I felt lighter and so full of energy. It was really tough, emotionally, going through it, but Ann was supportive and interactive and I could feel the energy shift. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It’s difficult to describe, but I left there feeling lighter and less burdened than I have felt in longer than I can remember. It’s like this weight that has been with me since I was a little girl was lifted. About a month later I came for another session. I had just had to put our family dog down, which was emotional and brought up a lot of trauma from my past, so the second session was definitely a different experience, but no less beneficial. Now I’m preparing to schedule my third session with her. The process itself is helpful when preparing for the session. It develops an understanding of which things are weighing you down and, for me, it has begun to guide me in which things I allow in my life and which I won’t, in an effort to avoid putting, what I can only describe as “heavy energy,” back on myself. Once you feel that shift, you want to stay in that place where you feel light and energetic. I can’t say what anyone else will or won’t experience, but I can say that if you go into this process receptive to it working for you, it can. I think this was money well spent on my personal well-being and toward much-needed change in my life. I think Ann was led to reach out to me and I am so grateful that she did. This has been a life-changing blessing that I would not have sought out or tried except that the opportunity presented itself to me.” ~ Robin R. – March 2017

Sue F. ~ February 2017

“I consulted Ann regarding an unusual health issue I was having. Ann took the time to respond very quickly and provided information on an emotional issue from the past I had not resolved. All tests from my doctor came back negative which had me perplexed. I followed Ann’s recommendation to sit in meditation and look at this old pattern with new insights. I knew and could feel the energy she was referring to that was creating blocks resulting in health issues. After following her recommendations, my health issue resolved on their own. Two weeks of testing with no answers medically, yet Ann was able to get to the energetic cause right away. Ann is incredibly gifted, kind and genuine. Thank you, Ann.” ~ Sue F. – February 2017

Sheryl Y. ~ February 2015

“I have known Ann for a number of years and am proud to count her among my trusted colleagues and friends. Ann is a highly enlightened individual who has embraced her calling to follow a spiritual path and live a life of purpose in service to others; bringing them peace, joy, comfort and healing. I have had the privilege to witness her sacred journey and have found it nothing less than awe-inspiring. Anyone in need of healing should seek Ann out. Ann’s authentic, kind, caring and comforting ways will fill your inner spirit with hope for better days ahead.” ~ Sheryl Y. – February 2015

Keith K - May 2017

“Ann is amazing. I struggled for years to find my direction and always had taken the wrong turn. Thanks to her amazing insight and advice, she has helped me to find my direction. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you very much, Ann.” ~ Keith K. - May 2017

Joe S. ~ June 2017

“Authentic, kind and genuinely cares about using her gifts to help others. Ann is the real deal!” ~ Joe S. - June 2017

Ronna W. ~ May 2017

"My recent live reading with Ann was amazing! She was warm-hearted, genuine, and engaging with me. I felt very comfortable with her. Her reading for me was spot-on regards my past and present. It was definitely eye-opening for my future. I feel like so much positive energy came my way! The 30-minute live reading included a recorded session (which I appreciated to have to listen to again), pictures of my 3 Angel Tarot cards, my Life Purpose card, and my Spirit Animal card which was great to reference later. I really enjoyed my reading with Ann and I recommend you schedule one with her. It will be enlightening! Thank you, Ann!" ~ Ronna W.  May 2017